Monday, November 30, 2009

How'd they fit?!

Not much to say tonight. But I was looking through some pictures of the girls from when they were just a couple weeks old. And I came across this picture....

Two days before this picture was taken, Adalyn weighed 6lbs 3oz and Alivia weighed 6lbs 10oz - a grand total of 12lbs 13oz which was 2oz shy of their total birth weight.

I laid down on the recliner and Nate and I positioned the girls exactly like they were when they were residing in their mobile home. We couldn't for the life of us figure out how they fit!! I was pushing feet down to keep them at about the level of my ribs (where they would've run out of room if they were still in my belly), yet their feet were still too high. And well, Addi's head probably would've been fully birthed in the position she's at.

Hmmm. So'd they fit?!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A sleep update

Yeah, so we haven't had anymore nights where they slept straight through the night. I knew it was too good to be true, so I didn't even get my hopes up. Good thing! But it hasn't been terrible either. In fact, I need to applaud little Miss Alivia because she has slept through the night the past 5 nights. She always has been our better sleeper. In the last 3 of 5 nights, Adalyn has been up twice. And the other two nights she was up once. We keep saying that one of these days she'll realize that sleep really is a good thing!

Here are some pictures of our little Packers fans. Adalyn was wearing Aaron Kampman's jersey and Alivia was going old school by supporting Frank Winters.

And on a little side note...someone tried to kill the possessed little puppy toy. This puppy starts singing songs at random times during the day when no one touches it or is even around it. Apparently one of the girls got sick of its shenanigans. I'm not sure which one is responsible, but I'd sure like to know!! Because I walked into the living room to see this by the toy box....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vacation pics

The whole crew in Miami the night before we got on the ship.

The water in CocoCay

Our ship with the boats that took us to the island
Nassau, Bahamas

Nate standing in front of The Majesty of the Seas in Nassau

It was a little breezy on the pool deck at night!!

A view of the pool deck at night

The maze of stairs inside the ship

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's been a tooth explosion!!!

So in the last 4 weeks, we've gained 10 new teeth! And actually, in just the past 2 weeks, the girls got 6 molars! Holy cats! That's a lot of teeth in a short amount of time. Adalyn was the lucky recipient of 7 new teeth in the past month whereas Alivia just got her 3 molars. So the total tooth count is now up to 22 - eleven for each baby girl. Just one month ago we had been stuck at a total of twelve teeth for a few months. And then they just started coming, bing, bam, boom!

The odd thing is that they've been sleeping better than ever! Knock on wood. Knock on wood REALLY hard. In fact, just last night they finally slept through the night. What?! Are these seriously my children? I go on vacation, come home, and they're sleeping well? For several months now, if one of them would sleep through the night (which by the way, didn't happen all that often), the other one would inevitably get up at least once if not two or three times. But last night, they finally collaborated their efforts!! We'll see what tonight brings.

Man, I remember blogging back in September about a night we had where they were up a combined 8 times, followed by 4 times and then 5 times! And here we are, a restful night of sleep for everyone in the house. But like I said, we'll see if it continues. Our typical night has usually involved getting up an average of twice. Either twice with one baby or once with both of them...sometimes just once with one of the girls. And honestly? I can live with that. It's not ideal, but it's such a far cry from where we were just a couple months ago that I'll take it!!

Our vacation was wonderful. The ship was absolutely beautiful. The ocean was amazing. And the food was out-of-this-world-yummy!!! Because of the yummy food, Nate and I promptly began a diet upon returning home! Yikes. Overall, we had an absolute blast. Yes, it was tough leaving the girls, but the smiles on their faces when we came back home were absolutely priceless. I have some pictures to share but I need to download them first! However, I work really early tomorrow morning so I best be getting to bed! Good night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bye-bye for now

We're leaving early tomorrow morning for our cruise. I'm so excited but I'm so nervous about missing the girls too much to really, fully enjoy myself. I know it'll be good for Nate and I to re-establish ourselves as husband and wife instead of just mom and dad. But man, it's going to be hard saying goodbye to my precious little peanuts!!

We fly in to Miami tomorrow. We get on the ship on Friday and our first stop will be Saturday morning in Cococay, Bahamas. Sunday morning we'll arrive at Nassau, Bahamas. And then Monday morning we'll be be back in Miami and flying back home that afternoon. So we're only going to be gone for 4 nights. I know that it's about time Nate and I do something together.

While packing tonight for the trip, I started thinking about the last big trip we took. We went to Disney back in May 2008. I was 16 weeks pregnant with the girls and my "morning sickness" had luckily just disappeared a few days before we left. I remember being in the airport walking to our gate and I told Nate that I was going to pass out (not the only time that trip that I felt that way!! click here for reference). So what does he do?? He summoned one of those little golf cart drivers and had the guy drive us to our gate!! Nate thought it was great and was waving at everyone as we passed them. For those of you that know him, you can definitely see him doing this. Me, on the other hand, I was so embarrassed! If only I had actually *looked* pregnant while getting this ride. Even being 16 weeks with twins, I still didn't really have a belly. So I just felt dumb. But that breeze in my face sure made me feel so much better!!

Let's hope I don't have any issues walking to my gate this year!!! Haha.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun with hats

The girls absolutely despise wearing their OWN winter hats, but apparently they like mommy's fuzzy hat. Nate took these pictures while I was at work the other day. They sure look like they had loads of fun!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween a little late

We didn't do much for Halloween this year. We just stayed at the house and handed out candy to the kids. The girls really enjoyed watching all the people come to the door. We didn't splurge this year and get the girls costumes. We knew we wouldn't be going anywhere, so there really wasn't a need for costumes. But we are full-heartedly looking forward to next year when we'll take the girls out Trick or Treating for the first time!

Meanwhile, I just tried to snap some photos of the girls in their Halloweeen outfits. Can I tell you that pictures are getting harder and harder to come by? Getting a good picture of just one of the girls is hard enough. But getting both of them in a picture? Almost impossible. They move...a lot. By the time you position one baby and reach for the second, the first baby girl is already gone. Grrr. But I try nonetheless!! That's the go-getter in me. Ha! Just kidding.

Ummm, an interesting little story. Alivia is afraid of pumpkins. In fact, she is afraid of anything that is big, round, and rolls. We actually noticed this a couple months ago when Adalyn decided to push our yoga ball out into the living room. I've never seen a baby crawl so fast to get away and then cry so hard. Out of curiosity, I brought a couple other balls into the house. Basketball? Afraid. (not good by the way, as mommy wants them to be basketball players!!!) Soccer ball? Afraid, but not terrifyingly so. Softball? She's ok with it. So anything larger than a softball produces high anxiety in my poor little girl. I can just see it now...she's going to be on the Maury Povich show because of an odd phobia of things that are big, round and roll. Remind me to DVR that.

Anyway, she was fine with the pumpkin for all of 10 seconds before Adalyn gave it a good push. Once Alivia realized we've got another roller on our hands, she wouldn't have anything to do with it! Though Nate and I put her next to it a few hours after the fact hoping to snap a couple quick pictures. She lasted for about a minute. Then she must've remembered she has a phobia. So yeah, there aren't really any pictures of Alivia with the pumpkin! Good thing I didn't bring ALL of them into the house!

Adalyn absolutely loved the pumpkin.

This is about as close as Alivia would get.

Little stinker screamed at me and then gave me this face.

Addi's trying to eat the pumpkin.

All smiles since the pumpkin is nowhere in sight!

These are the best pictures I could get of them together! I know, pathetic.