Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kalihari Fun

Well, we had our weekend away at the waterpark.  The girls had a blast!  The whole drive there, we constantly heard about how they were going to go swimming and how excited they were.  Sitting in the car with them while Nate registered us at the hotel was pure torture because the poor things didn't understand why we were just sitting there doing nothing!  But finally they had their chance.

They were a little timid at first.  They each put their feet in the water and that was about as far as they were going to go.  After a little prodding, they attempted the kiddie water slides and eventually graduated to the medium sized slides.  The next morning, we were actually able to get them to come down a couple big slides with us on rafts. 

They definitely didn't want to leave.  And they've been constantly saying how they want to go swimming ever since we got back home.  If only we could make that happen. 

Patiently waiting for Livi to get done eating.

But Livi isn't quite full yet!


Livi running through the water.

Addi army crawling.

Livi liked throwing the water in the air.


Still throwing water.

Addi getting ready to go down a medium slide.

Climbing the rope wall.

Livi going down a medium slide.

Addi running so fast!

Addi saw the big kids go down on their bellies, so why not?

Livi flying solo on the rope wall.

Livi's big splash!!

Addi's got the hang of this "lazy river" thing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Update

All is well.  I had a quick visit on Wednesday at exactly 14 weeks.  My blood pressure was perfect, 92/60 and I'm officially up three pounds with this pregnancy.  Dr L was able to find the baby immediately with the doppler.  Her heart was just skipping away in the 150's.  My next visit will be in another four weeks with the Nurse Practitioner.  I forgot how ho-hum these early appointments are.  There's really nothing that needs to be discussed!!

I'm excited because tomorrow we're taking the girls to the Kalihari Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.  It's been a while since the girls have been swimming.  So I'm thrilled to see how they'll do and to see how much they'll enjoy going down all of the waterslides.  I was showing them pictures and videos online of all the fun things they'll be able to do to get them all excited (like they needed any help!!).  So it should be a fun time.  Can't wait to see their smiles and hear their squeals of enjoyment!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pregnant Survey #1

How far along? 13 1/2 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I'm up 3-4 pounds which is the most I've ever gained by this stage of pregnancy.  I really hope it's not a sign of what's to come!!

Maternity clothes? Not quite yet.  Definitely getting close. 

Stretch marks?  Plenty from the twins' pregnancy.  Plenty.  I highly doubt I'll gain any more with this pregnancy.  If I do, I'm sure I won't notice.  My mid-section looks like it's been mauled by a tiger.

Sleep:  Surprisingly, not that bad!  I guess going to bed between 8:30-9:00 helps to ensure that I get enough sleep despite waking several times for bathroom breaks.

Best moment this week:  Having a couple days in a row where I could eat what I wanted and not feel the effects of it later!  Maybe the morning sickness is finally on its way out!

Movement:  Call me crazy, but I could swear I felt a little something the other day.  I haven't felt anything since.  So yeah, I'm probably crazy.

Food cravings:  I don't know what it is with my pregnancies, but potatoes always seem to agree with me.  I don't really crave them, they just go down well and don't upset my stomach.  Cheesy potatoes, baked, mashed, boiled, it doesn't matter. 

Gender:  As per our usual, it's a surprise till the big birthday!

Labor Signs:  Too early for that.

Belly Button in or out?  Still in.

What I miss:  Having energy.  I want so badly to be able to keep up with the girls on my days off, but I'm finding it incredibly difficult!

What I am looking forward to:  I have an OB appointment on Wednesday.  It's always nice to go in and listen to baby's heartbeat.
Milestones:  Baby should be about 3 inches long and weigh about an ounce.  Definitely doesn't account for the weight that I've gained!

Monday, February 13, 2012

All about Addi

Well.  To begin with, the running joke in our family is that if Livi is sorry for everything, Addi is sorry for absolutely nothing.  The child is a little spitfire.  She's spunky and sassy.  Not to say that she doesn't have her sweet moments.  But she is definitely a little pistol!!

She is our chocolate milk lover.  If she could eat hamburgers, french fries and cheese curds every day, she would.  Except for maybe breakfast.  The usual request is pancakes.  However, she'll throw a curveball in sometimes and ask for macaroni and cheese at 7:00am.  Whatever.  If she'll eat it, I'll serve it.

The girl loves her technology.  If she can get her hands on our computer or phones, she will gladly do so.  And let me tell you, it's nothing elaborate because Nate and I don't have "cool" phones where we have a lot of games or apps.  We just have boring little phones that we can make phone calls on and text.  But she loves texting Nate a bunch of random letters and numbers all while identifying which ones she has pressed.  Addi also likes to pretend she's a superhero.  She runs around the house with her cape and magic wand and tries to save the universe.

She is absolutely obsessed with taking baths.  It's not unheard of for her to ask for a bath less than two hours after just getting out of the bath.  In fact, it's probably more of the norm for her.  If she doesn't ask to take a bath at least a handful of times of day, something's probably wrong.  She's a little waterbug. 

I still find it hard to believe that my little 6 pound baby, who I thought was so fragile and dainty turned out to be such a tough and stubborn-willed little girl.  She definitely has a mind of her own.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The blog has been quiet

And that's because I continue to be quite sick.  Bummer, right?  I think the baby missed the memo stating that the second trimester is supposed to bring much needed relief from the troublesome early pregnancy symptoms.  And since I'm 12 weeks today, starting the second trimester or quickly approaching it (depending on which book you read), I should be feeling much, much better.

Nope.  Not yet.  In fact, to honor the 12 week mark, I had the pleasure of actually throwing up this evening.  Outside of the stomach bug that hit our house right after Christmas, I haven't done that yet.  My morning sickness has pretty much been a general feeling of queasiness with a whole lot of dry heaving...especially if I ate something that didn't entirely agree with me.

But today, as I should be moving on to the enjoyable part of pregnancy, I was sicker than I've been this entire pregnancy.  I'm still trying to stay positive.  I'm keeping everything humanly possible crossed that this is not one of those pregnancies where I'll continue to be sick up until the day I deliver.  I'm hoping that sweet relief is not too far off.

So I'll blog when I can.