Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Overall update

I've had a couple OB appointments in the past week.  My 36 week appointment was supposed to be on Wednesday but got pushed to Friday because the doctor was out sick.  And today, I had my regularly scheduled 37 week appointment (yeah, just 4 days after my last visit)....

Everything is trucking along just as it should.  Blood pressure is great and I'm measuring 36cm.  Yesterday, I contracted for well over six hours about every 3-5 minutes.  However, none were painful.  Some were uncomfortable, but definitely not painful.  So I wasn't concerned about the contractions.  What I WAS concerned about is that my usually hyperactive baby became rather calm for several hours.  I texted Dr L and she suggested drinking some ice cold water to wake the baby up a bit.  That seemed to have done the trick and I felt much more confident that she was still doing well. 

So at my appointment today, Dr L wanted to hook me up to a non-stress test for twenty minutes just to see how the baby was doing over the course of some time (versus just a 5-10 second heart rate check with the doppler).  I'm happy to say that she is doing absolutely fine.  Her heart rate varied anywhere between 125-155 and she tolerated the few contractions I had during that time frame just fine.  Whew.

Busy week next week.  Addi has an appointment with Audiology on Monday, then an appointment with ENT on Tuesday.  And I'll have my 38 week OB appointment on Wednesday.  Pretty sure the ladies at the front check in desk will know me quite well by the end of next week!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conversations with kids

This was from a couple days ago.  They had just woken up from their afternoon nap.....

Them:  "Mommy, did we take a good nap?"
Me:  "You took a VERY good nap."
Them:  "So is the baby here yet?"
Me:  "Umm, no.  Not quite yet.  Your nap wasn't THAT good!!"

Later that same day.....

Me:  "So girls, if this baby is a girl, what should we name her?"
(Addi was already disinterested)
Livi:  "Hmmm.  Hmmm.  Lucy!!"
Me:  "Lucy, huh?"
Livi:  "Yup, Lucy."
Me:  "Well, what should we name the baby if it's a boy?"
Livi:  "Ummmm....no thanks."

They're fairly adamant that this is a baby girl.  Not only do they think it's a girl, but I believe that they WANT a baby girl.  It's going to be an interesing birthday if this baby is actually a boy.  I'm not sure how they'll react.  They've pretty much said from day one that "mommy has a girl in her tummy."  Regardless, they're becoming pretty obsessed with the baby.  Almost every day they tell me that my belly is getting bigger.  Then they ask if the baby is getting bigger.  And after that, they want to know just how big as they stretch their arms out to varying lengths.

Livi wants to change the baby's diapers.  Addi wants to play with the baby.  They both talk about wanting to hold the baby and rock her.  I love their excitement.  I just hope their excitement lasts once the baby is actually here!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last Pregnancy Survey

How far along?  35 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss:  Too embarrassed to share.  Let's just say that I'm likely going to finish this pregnancy having gained more than I did with either of the prior two pregnancies.  With Elli I gained 30 and with the twins I gained 33.  In my defense, I started this pregnancy weighing less than I did with the other two.  And I actually think I'll end the pregnancy weighing about the same as the last two.

Maternity clothes?  Do I even need to answer?

Stretch marks?  They're wonderful looking.  Nice and shiny.  But not from this pregnancy...at least not that I can identify!

Sleep:  Depends on the night.  Some nights it's really, really lacking.  Other nights it's not great, but managable.  I'm still on the couch (for the back support) and will be for the duration of the pregnancy. 

Best moment this week:  Potentially agreeing on a name for a girl.  Middle name is still up in the air.  But progress is progress I guess!

Movement:  At times I feel like this baby is trying to create a hole on the left side of my belly with its tiny little foot.  It feels like she's grinding it in one spot all the time!  It's not a pleasant feeling!

Food cravings:  Still none.  No surprise.  I've never had cravings with any of the pregnancies.

Gender:    We should be finding out pretty gosh darn soon!!

Labor Signs:  There was actually a day last week that I had to go home from work for a couple of hours.  I started contracting every 4 minutes.  I knew I needed to lay down and guzzle some water.  And that did the trick.  After those couple of hours, the contractions spaced out to about every 10-12 minutes and it was back to work for me!  Since then, I've been having my fair share of Braxton Hicks contractions, so my body is starting to gear up!

Belly Button in or out?  Half and half?  The top half is out but the bottom half is not.  It's interesting.

What I miss:  Playing with the girls the way I used to.  I've reached that point where getting down on the floor is hard.  Getting back up is even harder.  And my back screams for mercy if I'm on the hard floor for too long.  I still play with them.  It just takes some creativity as to how best to go about doing it! 

What I am looking forward to:  Slightly cooler weather!  Temps in the 90s with a heat index over 100 does not go over very well with heavily pregnant women.  A nice little cool down would be nice so I can enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy!

Milestones:  I start weekly appointments next week!  You know what that means?  The end is super, super close!

Last week's picture.  But here I am at 34 weeks!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We took the girls "camping" this weekend on grandma and grandpa's RV (or grandma and grandpa's 'bus' as they call it).  They had a whole lot of fun riding their bikes, going for walks, playing at the park, swimming, riding a train, eating S'mores, playing with bubbles and many more things.

There was a woodpecker in the tree right across from our campsite.  He really made his presence known.  When he'd get really loud, he was usually poking his head in and out to see what was going on.  So the girls had to go see "Woody" every time they heard him making a fuss.

Yesterday, our last day there, we were going to eat lunch by the pool.  After deciding what they wanted, they saw a guy walk past with cotton candy.  Of course then they needed some.  We told them that if they ate a good lunch that they could have some cotton candy.  Well, that didn't stop them from asking a few more times if they could have some at that very second.  When the answer continued to be "if you eat a good lunch,"  Addi asked "well, can the cotton candy WATCH me eat lunch?"  What a conniver.  Because I'm absolutely positive that the cotton candy would've sat right on the table and watched her eat her lunch without being touched in the least...yeah, right.

And Livi was swimming by herself (with her lifejacket) by the end of our weekend!  She's a little more gun shy in the water than Addi is.  She wants to spend more time in the water overall than Addi, but she isn't quite as brave.  So anyway, several weeks ago when we were in my hometown, we went swimming at my friend's house and Addi started swimming by herself.  However, Livi refused to be let go of.  But yesterday, we were practicing kicking and moving her arms while I kept my arm under her belly to keep her balanced.  Eventually, I let go and she had no idea!!  I told her when she made it to the wall that mommy let go and she was soooo proud of herself!

The first four pictures are from our previous camping trip that I never blogged about.  It was about a month ago.  Same campground.  Same activities.  Same fun!!

Coloring pictures.

Thoroughly enjoying their S'mores

Livi going down the frog slide.

And Addi practicing her swimming!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Melt my heart

The girls keep rolling out the compliments.  They sure do know how to make a lady smile!  Just this morning Addi came up to me, kissed me on the cheek and said "mommy, you're the best."  And Livi the other day said to me "mama, you are sooooo beautiful."  Awww.  Now if this would've been in a few years, I would've asked them what they wanted!!  Ha.  Seriously though, what's up with these kids?  Nothing like showering mommy with lots of love.

Had my 34 week OB appt today.  When Dr L was running behind, I just knew that she had a resident working with her.  Sure enough.  So that's who I started with.  It was interesting to say the least.  Anyway, all is well.  My blood pressure was 94/62.  Baby's heartrate was sitting right at 150.  And I'm measuring 33 weeks (though I feel exponentially larger!).

Dr L tried to determine how this baby is positioned right now.  She was pretty sure that she was head down.  Which means that when the resident measured me just 10 minutes earlier, this baby was most likely breech.  Once the resident left the room to get Dr L, I felt a humongous flip.  And that's what this baby has been doing for weeks.  I can never tell if she is head up or head down...all I know that is that she really can't decide where she wants to be.  It's very common for me to feel these gigantic rolls and tumbles.  I'm getting a little nervous that she won't settle in a head down position before the delivery.  But that's hopefully just the worry wart in me.

I go back in two weeks.  And after that, we're at weekly appointments.  We're getting so close!!!  Yet, this baby still doesn't have a name.  Hmmm.......

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beatin' the Heat

It's been hot...especially for this neck of the woods.  So guess what that means?  More time outside in the water!  A few days ago, I strung the hose across the lawn to their swingset and crafted a homemade waterslide for them.  Essentially, if we've been outside, we've been doing water activities.  It's too hot to do anything else.

Meticulously lining up the water toys.

While Addi carefully supervises.

They like this better than a sprinkler...they say the sprinkler is too high.

Then they want it shut off so they can jump in the puddles.