Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy 18 months, Peanut!!

Cheesy face and all, she's such a beauty!

Time sure is flying.  Emmi had her 18 month appointment yesterday.  She's in the 98th percentile for height...standing at 34 inches tall.  She's in the 70th percentile for weight, clocking in at 24lbs 1oz. She's doing absolutely fantastic.  She has about 25 words that she can say...puppy, milk, whoa, bath, "there you go", ball and many others.

I'm not used to all of the words that are coming out of this little girl.  The twins were pretty non-verbal all the way up to about two years old, maybe even a little bit later than that.  I remember at their 15 month appointment expressing concern that they didn't really talk.  Then I expressed the same concern at their 18 month appointment.  The doctor reassured me at each visit that twins tend to talk later.  Of course that didn't stop the mommy in me from worrying about it!!

But here I am now with a little girl who says probably more than the twins did at the age of 2 years.  The older girls had each other to babble to...and boy, did they seem to know what each other was saying.  The adults had no clue, but they sure did!!