Wednesday, May 30, 2012

28 week OB appt

Well, I'm 28 weeks today.  I got the girls ready for daycare this morning, dropped them off, then headed to my OB appointment.  I started my fabulous morning by having to take the glucose screening.  I swear it gets worse every time!!  I'm still waiting on the results of that.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I passed.  I honestly don't think I can make it through the three hour test again!

Then I saw Dr L.  Everything is going well.  She commented that she can't believe I'm 28 weeks already.  Don't pregnancies always go faster for the people not having to live it?!  My coworkers seem to think this pregnancy is flying by as well.  Anyway, blood pressure was just fine again.  The baby's heartrate was in the high 130s and I'm measuring at essentially, right on track.

This baby either thoroughly enjoyed the massive amount of sugar I had to ingest this morning or was extremely ticked off.  About 20 minutes after drinking the orange concontion, she began to kick rather violently.  She's never kicked that hard before!!  Holy cow!  So I'm not exactly sure if she was having a fun sugar rush or if she was mad at me.  But she let me know that she felt the effects it for a good 15 minutes.

Back to the doctor in 2 weeks...sooner if I get the results that I failed the glucose screening.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pregnant Survey #2

How far along? 27 weeks today

Total weight gain/loss:  Too much?  I'm not even entirely sure.  All I know is that it's definitely more than I gained in the other two pregnancies.

Maternity clothes?   Oh yes, since about 16ish weeks I think.

Stretch marks?  Not any new ones with this pregnancy!!!

Sleep:  On the couch.  Seems standard for me that at about this point I end up on the couch.  I need the extra back support.  At about 24-26 weeks with the other pregnancies, I called the couch my home as well.

Best moment this week:  Livi was finally able to feel the baby move!!  She absolutely lit up with excitement!

Movement:  Very, very active little baby.  But she definitely has her down moments as well.

Food cravings:  None.  I know, I'm boring.

Gender:  Not a clue.  But I continue to refer to the baby as a "she" because that's what the girls think the baby is.

Labor Signs:  Random contractions here and there, but nothing I'm concerned about.

Belly Button in or out?  It's still in, yay!

What I miss:  Sleep, as always.  Pregnancy sure does prepare you for life with a newborn!  Those poor dads must go into shock after the baby arrives without having 9 months to practice waking up several times a night!

What I am looking forward to:  Introducing this baby to the girls and seeing their reactions.  I obviously know that it won't be for a few months yet, but I'm pretty excited to see what they will say...especially if the baby isn't a girl like they're expecting it to be!!

Milestones:  I've surpassed the point in which I was put on bedrest during the twins' pregnancy (26 1/2 weeks).  Not that I was worried.  But it still makes me super happy!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dentist, check. Doctor, check.

On Friday both of the girls had separate appointments for very different things.  The morning started with Livi needing to go to the dentist because of some mouth trauma that happened a couple days earlier.  It happened at daycare about an hour before I picked them up for the day.  When I arrived, she was still rather upset and she would NOT let me look in her mouth.  For all I knew, she had a cut lip and that was that.  Finally two days later, she let me take a peek in her mouth.  Sure enough, one of her top front teeth was pushed backwards.  It wasn't terrible and it wasn't affecting her bite because she had been eating for those two days, but I made a call to the dentist just in case.

So in we went on Friday.  Livi really wasn't having it.   She buried her face in my chest and refused to open her mouth!  Eventually with a lot of coaxing, she somewhat cooperated...enough for the dentist to get a look anyway.  The dentist agreed that although the tooth is pushed back, it's not affecting her bite (I guess I can be thankful for the overbite that both of the girls have!).  It seemed pretty sturdy, so the dentist didn't think we needed to do an xray to see if she fractured it above the gumline.  And luckily, there wasn't any trauma to the gums, so it should not affect her permanent teeth.  The dentist thinks that eventually that tooth may work itself back to where it originally sat. 

In all honesty, it's not bad at all.  Just a small deviation from her normal.  If it was bad, regardless if Livi would've let me in her mouth or not, I would like to believe that I would've noticed!  In fact, the deviation probably isn't noticed by anyone else besides us.  Anyway, the dentist had us line up Livi's first teeth cleaning!  Ha, yeah right!  If she wouldn't let the dentist in her mouth with just her fingers to feel around, do you think she'll let her in with a bunch of metal tools?  That should be interesting.

And then in the afternoon, I had to take Addi to the ENT for a one year follow up of her ear tube placement.  It's actually been thirteen months.  The whole drive there, Addi kept asking me if it was going to be a girl doctor.  I kept telling her that I didn't know (even though I knew for certain that it was a male doctor!).  She grilled me a couple more times in the waiting room and I provided the same response to her.

When we were called back, she was weighed first.  34 pounds.  Seems about right to me.  When the doctor came in, Addi got quite shy but she didn't totally object to the fact that he wasn't a girl.  After some questioning about how the last year plus has went, he looked in her ears.  The right tube has not fallen out yet, but it's no longer working and she has fluid behind that eardrum again.  The left tube is still functioning, though it has shifted and the doctor thinks that within a couple months it will fall out.  These tubes are only made to last for about a year anyway.  So we're right at that time frame.

We go back in three months for a couple of see what the left tube is doing and to see if the fluid behind her right eardrum has cleared.  If the fluid hasn't cleared, we'll be given the option of having a second round of tubes put in.  He said that we could probably do them now, but he would hate to put a tube in her right ear when the left one may fall out soon and she may have the same fluid problem in that ear necessitating a tube on that side as well.  So we'll re-evaluate in three months.  Oh yes, and at the very end, Addi told the doctor that he was very nice.  So it was all good!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost 26 weeks

25 1/2 weeks

I had my 26 week appointment today (I'll be 26 weeks on Wednesday).  All continues to go well.  My blood pressure was perfect...94/52.  I'm measuring right on track at 25 weeks.  And this is a very active little baby.  Dr L enjoyed watching my belly move all over the place before she tried to listen for the heartbeat.  And once she finally did start to listen, the baby kept kicking at the doppler.  There's definitely a wiggly one in there!  But the heartrate was great, in the high 140's.

I'm now beginning biweekly appointments.  I go back in just over two weeks for my 28 week appointment and I'll be doing the lovely gestational diabetes screening at that time.  Oh joy.  I passed with flying colors with the twins.  I failed it by 6 points with Elli (I ended up passing the 3 hour test quite easily).  Something tells me that eating my fair share of a Dairy Queen cake the night before my original screening with Elli was a bad idea (who would've thought, right?).  So I'm hoping to steer clear of the cakes before this screening because I remember getting sooo sick from the 3 hour I want to avoid that at all costs. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Adventures

We made another trip to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America over the weekend.  And ever since, the girls have been asking if we can go back to "Dora and Diego's playground."  Of course they had so much fun there that they didn't want to leave.

Riding on Blues Clues

Waiting in line to get on the balloons.

Monster trucks!!

Of course they had to ride again to switch places!

Patiently waiting for the carousel to start moving.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Big girl bikes!

The girls got bikes for Easter, but it's been so cold since that time that they haven't had much of a chance to be able to ride them.  However, it's starting to warm up a bit, so we've had them outside practicing.  They actually do really, really well!!  The first time they ever rode them, we had to both push them and help them steer. Now they pretty much pedal on their own (every now and then they get stuck and need just a little push to get moving again), and they steer by themselves too!

In other news, Addi was able to feel the baby move for the first time last night. And it was actually the baby hiccuping that she was feeling. Her little face lit up each time she felt the baby bounce and she'd proclaim "I feel it, I feel it!!" Now I'm just hoping to get Livi to feel the baby move sometime soon as well.