Friday, March 21, 2014


The big girls start gymnastics on March 31st.  They've been talking about it for a while, so I finally found a class to enroll them in.  At this facility, it's mandatory that the gymnasts (even the little tykes) wear leotards...a far cry from just being able to wear t-shirts and shorts when I was a kid!!  Anyway, I was browing the internet looking for a good site to buy a couple leotards from.  I found one that had pretty good deals, so I helped the girls scan through the site so that they could pick out whichever leotard that they wanted.

I assumed that Addi would want a flashy green one and that Livi would want something closer to pink and purple.  Well, apparently my kids aren't as predictable as I thought!  They actually ended up picking out the exact same leotard.  I checked, double checked and triple checked with them that they were absolutely sure that they liked the one they picked out before I placed the order.  And after getting several affirmatives, I went ahead and bought them.

Well, they just arrived.  I thought the girls were excited to start gymnastics before!!  Oh my, they're hopping off the walls with excitement now.  The day their leotards arrived in the mail, they immediately had to try them on.  Then they wanted to sleep in them (I said no...because going potty in the middle of the night would be too much of a production).  Then they wanted to put them on in the morning so they could wear them to school to show their friends (again, I said no).  Obsessed.  But I can't help but share in their excitement!!