Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The bugs are still in this house!!!

Nate was out sick almost all of last week with the stomach bug.  Toward the end of the week, we actually shipped the twins out to my parents' house so they could hopefully avoid it.  So they spent a few nights with grandma and grandpa.

Emmi started with some diarrhea early last week, but I didn't know if it was related to the fact that she started amoxicillin or if she also had a stomach bug.  A couple days later she broke out in a full body rash.  It looked like a viral rash, but again, it also could've been an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin.  Then this past Saturday while I was at work and Nate was home with her (the twins were still with my parents), she went through a couple crying fits.  So Nate brought her in and I had her seen in urgent care.  Her ears looked worse, she had white pustules in her throat, the rash was still present and she still had the diarrhea.  So they swabbed her for strep and took a blood draw to test for mono and look at her overall blood count.  Everything checked out just fine. So we were left with the fact that the diarrhea and rash were probably a virus.  But they gave us a new antibiotic just in case the amoxicillin caused some issues.  Whew.  On a good note, she's finally on the mend!!

And then yesterday...Livi woke up a couple of times throughout the night saying she couldn't breathe (she went to bed with a fever and a cough).  Thinking she just had a stuffy nose, I told her to breathe through her mouth and she would be just fine.  She told me a couple of times that she couldn't, but I tried to convince her that she could!!  By morning, when she woke up crying, I heard the very distinct sound of croup.  Every time she inhaled, I heard that seal-like sound.  Ugh.  So when she told me at night that she couldn't breathe even if she breathed through her mouth, she really felt like she couldn't!!  Bad mommy.  I felt terrible.

So the bugs still linger.  2013 has not treated us the best so far.  Maybe our New Year can start in February!!!  And with my next post, I'm probably going to do a picture overload.  I've been wanting to post pictures for a while but just haven't had the time with all the sickies in the house!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ear infection #1

And so it begins.  Emmi was diagnosed with her first ear infection on Sunday.  Poor girl put in a pretty restless night that night but I didn't think too much about it because it's not completely out of the ordinary for her to have an "off" night.  But shortly after waking up for the day, she started crying.  And just the way she was crying was so different than her hunger, tired, bored or I need a cuddle type of cry.

So I decided to be *that* parent and take my baby in to be seen for no reaosn other than "fussy baby."  No fever, no tugging on the ears, no vomiting...nothing.  Just fussy.  But I'm so glad I did because she actually had a bilateral ear infection.  The right eardrum is actually bulging, so there's some fluid behind that one.  The left ear is infected, but no fluid.

Poor baby girl.  I knew something was wrong when she cried...which is so uncharacteristic of her.  She may get fussy, but she rarely flat out cries.  So now we know.  I seriously despise ear infections.  We went through sooo many of them with Addi.  I'm hoping Emmi doesn't become my next ear tubes baby.  Ugh. 

Friday, January 11, 2013


The girls love them.  They have four different princess dresses...Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel.  They usually play princess dress up at least once a day, complete with shoes, tiaras and jewelry.

One of their latest obsessions is watching Cinderella.  They absolutely love that movie.  They usually don't have the attention span to watch an entire movie, but Cinderella is one that they will almost always watch from beginning to end.  They pretty much have it memorized already. 

To top it off, the girls are now sleeping in their own little princess beds.  Yes, our 4 year olds are finally in twin sized beds.  Their first night in their new big girl beds was Monday night.  Up until that night, they were still in their convertible toddler beds.  Hey, they were sleeping well and never complained about their toddler beds, so why rock the boat, right?  But we bit the bullet and got them twin beds for Christmas.  The beds are white and have three drawers underneath with jewel studded handles and the headboards are cut somewhat like a tiara.  Of course the bedding (which the girls received from Grandma and Grandpa J) is also princess themed...and quite adorable I might add!  The girls are absolutely in love.

And luckily, they've been sleeping well.  They ask every morning if they get to keep their new big girl beds!!  I'm not sure where they think we're going to take them, but they sure are concerned!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Can I do a no title post? Too tired...

I'm so far behind. I just haven't had a ton of energy to write lately. I'm still getting up multiple times a night with Emmi, which I honestly don't mind. It's a fact of life for me. The running joke in the house is that we make sleepers about as well as we make boys...we don't. She's up about 5 times a night. Usually anywhere between every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Sometimes she'll pull off a 3 hour stretch, but that's rare. However, I'm used to it. I think what's been dragging me down is work. "Tis the season" is what we say at work. The sickness bugs are out in full force. We've just been getting hammered with the numbers of people who've been coming in through our doors to either be seen in the ER or in urgent care. Therefore, I come home...and I'm tired.

Outside of Emmi waking multiple times a night, she's doing well. I feel like she's finally starting to put on some weight a little bit quicker. She's getting stronger every day and now really enjoys sitting/standing in her jumper. She still snacks during they day...taking a whopping 2oz bottle. I'm sure daycare would like that to change, but I don't see that happening anytime in the near future. Oh yeah, and she decided after her first couple tries of rice cereal that she isn't really a fan! She did well the first couple of times, but since then, she gives you such a sour she just licked a lemon!  Poor thing. So we're not pushing it. We just continue to try every few days.

This isn't necessarily a lemon face...but it sure is a look of disgust!

Well, hello, peanut!

Such a pretty girl.

Five months her bunny the stare down.

Then she laid on him.

Then she bit him! Poor bunny doesn't stand a chance anymore.

And just a flashback...3 weeks old in the tub.

And now at five months.  Growing too fast!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's 2013 already?  Do you know what that means?  That means that my "babies" will start preschool.  I mean, not until after the summer.  And the new school year needs to begin.  But the way time has been flying, August will be here before we know it!

Over the past week or so, Emmi has really found her voice...and not necessarily in the good way.  She does this screeching/squealing/shrieking thing.  Addi is the only other one I remember doing this.  It can be insanely loud.  The big girls are constantly saying "mom, Emmi's being really loud."  "Mom, Emmi is doing it again."  "Mom, please make her stop."  Knock on wood, but she's toned it down a bit the past couple of days.  But she does it when she's happy, bored, tired, frustrated, getting a diaper changed, playing in her swing, sitting in her bouncy...essentially, it doesn't matter her mood nor where she's at, she's going to screech.  Hopefully it's a short lived phase.

One cute little thing before I sign off for the night.  When I went to pick up the girls from daycare the other day, I walked in and one of the teachers immediately turned to the girls and said "hey girls, tell your mom what you just told me."  My first thought was oh no.  They acted all shy and wouldn't tell me.  So the teacher told me that they said that Emmi is getting too big.  So therefore, we need to have another baby so they can have another baby sister.  Good lord kids!!  I didn't really think they took notice as to how big Emmi is getting so quickly.  But then to request *another* baby in the house?  They already don't like the noise their current baby sister makes!!  They're obviously not thinking this through very well!!