Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick OB update

I'm doing great.  The baby is doing great.  Closing in on 32 weeks. 

My blood pressure was back to normal (for me), instead of on the low side.  It was 100/60 and I can definitely feel it because I'm not nearly as dizzy this past week as I was the week before!  The baby's heart rate was in the low 150s and she was jumping around like crazy at the appt today.  And I'm measuring 31 weeks.  So everything is still looking good as we approach the finish line.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Our new ride

A 2012 Honda Odyssey.  A minivan wasn't our first choice.  We actually test drove a few midsize SUVs with third row seating and fell in love with one in particular.  However, when we tried to fit our carseats in the way we want them configured once this baby arrives, we couldn't do it.  The second row was too narrow.  Our other option was to get another full size SUV (we were trading in our Chevy Tahoe) to accomodate the three carseats.  However, we desperately wanted to get away from the gas guzzlers.  So here we are...with a minivan. 

It's actually not bad and is a very safe vehicle.  And it has some really neat features for families with smaller children.  The sliding doors (which are automatic) are nice because the girls are at that age where they want to open their own doors.  Now we don't have to worry about them flinging a door open and smucking the car next to us.  It's very, very roomy inside with a lot of storage which is good for traveling with all the stuff we currently travel with.  There's a mirror near the rearview mirror that allows the driver or passenger to see all 6 seats in the back two rows without having to turn around.  Since the doors are automatic, when shutting, if they meet any resistane at all, they open back up.  No pinched hands or fingers, yay!  And there's a cooler on the inside to keep beverages like juice boxes cooled for lengthy travels. 

This isn't exactly the avenue we intended to take.  However, it suits our needs right now as a family.  And it drives nice.  So we can't complain.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer is here!

Livi is appreciating the free ride...

 While Addi is jumping up and down as quickly as she can!

Might as well throw the chairs in and splash around.

Enjoying their "coffee" (i.e. ice water).  Because apparently coffee is what you drink at the pool when it's 85 degrees!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


That's the grade I got at my OB appointment today.  I'm exactly 30 weeks now and everything is going smoothly.  They verified that I passed all of my lab work from two weeks ago.  My blood sugar after my glucose test could not have been more perfect...96.  So no three hour test for this lady - hip hip hooray!!  My hemoglobin, urine, and liver function tests were all within normal limits.  Yay as well.

My blood pressure today was a bit lower than my normal.  It was 88/62 which would explain why I've been a little bit on the dizzy side the past few days.  Baby's heart rate was sitting at 144 and I'm measuring exactly 30 weeks.

Dr L thinks that this little baby might be sitting breech right now but she's not concerned.  She said that most babies will choose to settle into a head down position by about 34 weeks.  But they don't start to worry about a baby being breech till 37 weeks or so.  So we still have plenty of time.  I actually think that she's been head down for a good chunk of time based on where I usually feel her hiccups...which happen many, many times a day.  It's just been in the past couple of days that I've been feeling the hiccups above my belly button.  So I'm sure she'll figure it out and go back head down in time!!

Another OB appointment in two weeks.  We're closing in on the end!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"I beat you!"

The above is a phrase we hear more times in a day than we can count.  "Addi, I beat you."  "I beat you, Livi."  Everything they do is now a race to see who can do it the quickest.  Not that they necessarily hustle through their daily activities such as eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc.  But if they happen to notice that they finished first, then they apparently win.  And it doesn't matter if they get a several minute headstart!!  Just this morning, one of them proclaimed that they beat the other one in brushing their teeth...I hadn't even given the second child their toothbrush yet!!!

It seems like everything is a competition these days.  However, we've now used that to our advantage!  Come bed time, all I say is "I'm gonna beat you" and they both make a mad dash to their room, hop in bed and cover up before I really even take two steps.  It's kinda nice.  I'm sure they'll eventually catch on to the fact that I'm not running (or even walking!) all that fast.  But until then, we'll continue to make a game out of it to expedite the bedtime routine.