Thursday, October 24, 2013

Miss Emilia

She's such an amazing little girl.  Full of so much sass, funny, smart, interactive, stubborn, lovable, engaging.  Just amazing, I tell ya.  Her latest thing to do is to give hugs.  She loves, loves, loves giving hugs.  The twins get multiple hugs a day, as do I.  At bedtime, after we're done reading our bedtime stories, she has to hug both Addi and Livi twice...she has to go to one bed, give a hug.  Walk to the other bed, give a hug.  Then repeat the process.  She'd probably continue for a third and a fourth round as well, but I call it quits after the second time and pick her up to carry her out.

The cats are also shown plenty of affection...probably more than they would care for!  But they're actually pretty amazing with her.  We couldn't have asked for more patient cats, especially Daisy.  Whenever Emmi sees her laying on the floor, she walks over by her, grabs her around the midsection and gives her a big squeeze.  At times, she tries to lay on top of her.  Poor Daisy almost looks like she's going to be smothered!!  So I pull Emmi away, pick up Daisy to put her somewhere where Emmi can't reach her...but she immediately jumps back down and lays right out in the open again.  She secretly must love the attention!  Dory isn't quite as patient, but she's also still a young cat.  She'll usually bat at Emmi (in more of a playful manner) and then run away.

And let me tell you, outside of the hugs that Emmi showers on Addi and Livi, she sure does love her sisters!!  On Mondays when the big girls are in preschool for the afternoon, Emmi and I chill out at the house for a few hours (or run errands if need be).  The minute I ask her if we should go get her sissies, her face lights up.  She starts giggling and then she inevitably finds her coat and brings it to me!!  We can't get in the car fast enough!  Of course, once we get to school, the girls get yet another hug from Emmi!!  Yes, she loves her big sisters!

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