Friday, October 18, 2013

5yr appt update and faces of Emmi

The big girls had their 5yr appt on Monday.  Both of them are now 43 1/2 inches tall.  Adalyn weighed 38 pounds and Alivia weighed 40 pounds.  Developmentally, they're doing great!  Both passed their vision tests with flying colors.  Livi did fabulous on her hearing test.  Addi struggled with some lower pitch sounds, so after her first hearing test, Dr K removed her ear tubes that have been sitting in her ear canals for a year and a half (she had tubes placed in April 2011 - by May 2012, both tubes had fallen out of the ear drums and were sitting in the canals...apparently the stubborn little things still refused to fully fall out!).  Anyway, after Dr K removed the tubes, we repeated the hearing test.  She's still struggling to hear some lower tones but nothing too alarming.  So we'll just recheck next year.

Lastly, they had their 5yr/kindergarten vaccinations.  Addi handled it better than I expected.  Livi didn't handle it quite as well as I had foreseen.  She was just a bit more sad than I had anticipated.  She kept telling me that she "didn't WANT to get her flu shot."  Even a couple days later, she kept reminding me that she didn't want to get her flu shot.  I kept reminding her that it was already done and we can't go back and change it.  They actually received more than just the flu shot - DTaP, polio, MMR and varicella.  Overall, they're doing well.  They still insist that they like going to the doctor...they just don't like getting flu shots!!

Making faces at me.

The smiles don't get much bigger (or cheesier!) than this!

Trying to tell me what she wants in the fridge.

Look who found the leftover birthday cake!

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