Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Little stinker

Emmi.  Stinker.  A couple words that you never think will ever be in the same sentence when your baby is just a few months old.  First of all, I think she might be on the goldfish and milk diet.  Those seem like the only things she will reliably eat.  She even refuses some of her prior favorites - mandarin oranges, raspberries, pancakes, cheerios, string cheese, yogurt, etc, etc, etc.  I know that kids go through weird food stages, in fact, I distinctly remember the twins going on a hot dog and cheese diet!!

However, I'm dealing with something I've never dealt with before.  If the twins were served something they didn't want, they either ignored it altogether or they would drop it on the floor..."drop" being the key word.  Not Emmi.  This child WHIPS the food across the dining room.  There's essentially a six foot radius around her highchair that's not safe from flying food.  She'll throw it overhand, chuck it behind her, swipe it to the side, etc.  She's definitely exerting her independence, but I just wish that independent streak would be a little cleaner!! 

She's now up to 11 teeth.  The four front teeth on both the top and the bottom, and then 3 of her molars.  The bottom right molar is super, super close to popping through.  Hopefully it comes soon because she's been a little restless at night and I'm pretty sure that that's why.

Her "uh-oh" face...usually after she's done something she knows she shouldn't.

Oh yes, did I mention that the little stinker also spits water now?  Yeah...here's that face too.

And then the little devious smirk afterwards!!

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Amy E said...

haha ohhhh that lil smirk after spitting her water...priceless :).