Thursday, September 26, 2013

Field trip excitement

The girls were so excited to go on their very first field trip as preschoolers.  They were counting down the days until they got to go to the apple orchard.  Finally, the day arrived!!  I don't think they could get dressed fast enough!!

This afternoon, I was watching the clock and I knew exactly what time they were set to depart school for the orchard.  As the time approached, my excitement for them increased.  And as today wore on, I became incredibly anxious to pick them up from school to hear all about it...then my work phone rang.  The teacher, Miss Julie, called to tell me that Addi was stung by a bee.  Her first field trip and her first bee sting - all wrapped up into one day.  Poor girl.  The teacher assured me that she was in good hands as one of the chaperones was a registered nurse, so she took Addi to the bathroom right away and gave her some TLC.

When I picked the girls up, I was surprised by the fact that Addi said very little about the bee sting!!  The girls were overflowing with their excitement...mostly the fact that they got to ride a "big yellow bus!"  Addi told me that she didn't sit with anyone on the bus because she liked having a seat to herself.  Livi said that she shared a seat with one friend on the way to the orchard and sat with a different friend on their way back to school.  And that right there sounds exactly like my kids...Addi is my little independent child and Livi is my "share the love" child.

I think the apple orchard itself took second place to the fact that they were able to ride on a school bus.  In fact, I was asked several times already tonight if we can get rid of our van so that we can ride the city bus!!  Um, no kids, sorry.

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