Monday, September 16, 2013

School Kids

As of today, it's official.  I have school aged kids.  The girls were so, so, so excited for their first day.  They're in the afternoon preschool class which starts at 12:45pm, but they probably asked me at least a dozen times in the morning if it was "time to go to school yet."  They were so anxious that they couldn't sit still!  Finally the time came.  And when that happened...then they decided that they might be "too shy to go to school."

Anyway, they grabbed their backpacks, we loaded into the car and we were off!  Addi was a little bit more hesitant than Livi was.  Livi was pretty pumped up to meet new friends.  She immediately sat at the table in her classroom so I could take her picture and she even asked her teacher if she could take a picture with her!  On the other hand, Addi didn't want to sit at the table and when she finally did, she wouldn't smile.  When Livi was having her picture taken with her teacher, Addi didn't want to join...but once she saw Livi wasn't being shy, she finally jumped right in!

When I picked them up, they were full of smiles.  They asked right away when they get to go to school again.  I really, truly think that they are going to have a blast.

You can just see their giddiness in this picture!!

I didn't even realize it until I downloaded the pictures that they were holding hands.  They really are best friends.

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Cee said...

So big now! Gorgeous girls, as always!